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The Medical Tourism Association is helping employers and hospitals connect with companies to save millions in medical expenses. It’s popularity will grow as healthcare reform (Obamacare) is expected to create backlogs for medical services.

Medical tourism (MT) is the patient travelling from highly developed nations to other areas of the world for medical care, usually to find treatment at a lower cost. Medical tourism is different from the traditional model of international medical travel where patients usually seek care travelling from less developed nations to major medical centers in highly developed countries for treatment that may not be available in their own communities.

Services typically sought include elective procedures as well as complex specialized surgeries such as joint replacement (knee/hip), cardiac surgery, dental surgery, and cosmetic surgeries. Individuals with rare genetic disorders may travel to another country where treatment of these conditions is better understood. However, virtually every type of health care, including psychiatry, alternative treatments, convalescent care and even burial services are available.

Over 50 countries have identified medical tourism as a national industry.

The Eyes, a Window to Health – Part 2

Employers and employees aren’t seeing the health and productivity boosts that would be possible if more employees took advantage of their vision benefit, especially in an aging workforce. According to Transitions Optical, Inc., nearly half of employees aren’t taking advantage of their vision benefit, by either not enrolling (24%) or by not using their benefit to receive an eye exam (32%). Transitions Optical offers four reasons why employers should take eye education seriously.

1. If you can’t see well, you can’t work well. – 1 in 4 employees, age 45 or older, has to take breaks to rest their eyes at work, because they hurt or feel tired. Unfortunately, even slightly miscorrected vision — so slight an employee may not even notice — can reduce productivity by up to 20%.

2. Mental health and eye vision are connected – Vision problems can worsen mental decline and depression – issues that are already a heavy burden on today’s workforce. Older employees with poor vision are 5 times more likely to develop cognitive decline without dementia than their peers with very good or excellent vision. Untreated poor vision in the elderly is also linked to actual dementia. For instance, older adults with poor vision without intervention (such as eyecare visits and cataract surgery) are almost 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

3. Eighty percent are bothered by glare – Almost all Americans say glare affects their vision outdoors, and 7 out of 10 agree that their eyes are sensitive to light. The right eyewear can help employees counter their issues with light and glare sensitivity.

4. Employees think vision benefits are important – More than 90 percent of employees agree their vision benefit will be more important to them as they age. Nearly all employees say it’s very important to them that their vision benefit offers the latest lens technologies.

Employees have an overall low awareness of the eye/overall health connection. For instance, half don’t know that smoking can affect their eyes. Many diseases can be detected by an eye exam at an early stage, when preventive steps can still be taken to avoid the disease or minimize its impact., sponsored by EyeMed, is a complimentary resource employees can access anytime, anywhere. Featuring useful tools, including customizable Wellness Calendar and Wellness Library, the site makes it easy to keep informed and aware of the importance of regular vision care.

The Eyes, a Window to Health – Part 1

The eyes are the only place in your whole body that offer a clear view of the blood vessels, without invasive techniques. That’s why with every exam, an eye doctor can gain deeper insight into a patient’s overall health and wellness.

Vision disorders account for more than $8 billion in lost productivity every year. However, regular eye exams can address and correct vision issues that may hamper performance. They can also help identify early signs of certain chronic health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, before they become costly long-term medical issues., sponsored by EyeMed, is a complimentary resource employees can access anytime, anywhere. Featuring useful tools, including customizable Wellness Calendar and Wellness Library, the site makes it easy to keep informed and aware of the importance of regular vision care.

Useful App – Healthspek (Personal & Family Health Record)

Healthspek is your own personal health record. And your family’s too as you can add each family member for a complete record. Healthspek allows users to see their own personal health care information.

The home screen is the customizable ‘myDashboard’. – Select any member to track their conditions, refill meds, track lab results, record immunizations, allergies, supplements, procedures, and family history. Records reside on your iPad and is stored securely on Healthspek’s cloud-based servers. Lose your iPad, you’ll never lose your chart.

  • myProfile – A section for reference information – personal profiles.  Add personal information, doctors, insurance and emergency
  • Medications – store entire medications list, current and past. Manage medications with med reminders and automated refill alerts.
  • ChartNow – Portability, readily accessible, displayable on any browser (real time access for you, your doctor), email records, etc…

Recognized by Health Informatics Nurse Blog as a Top Pick and Tab Times as a 5 best iPad apps for medical and health care.

New features are being added regularly.


Telehealth /Telemedicine

The next time your employee thinks he needs to go to the doctor’s office, emergency room or urgent care center, wouldn’t it be more convenient and cost-effective to call the doctor first? Seventy percent of office visits aren’t necessary and eliminating unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office reduces total employee healthcare costs – studies show a range from 5 to 40%.

MedCallAssist  is a company created to helping people in remote areas who had little or no access to emergency care.  From there the concept was introduced to groups, companies, self-insured groups, families and individuals who lived in urban areas. MedCallAssist provides immediate around-the-clock access to physicians – Immediate Care for employees and your business. A Doctor is always On Call: No appointments, no waiting, no deductible, and the doctor can write a prescription.

The company can also provide a Prescription Medical Kit:  A doctor’s tool kit, in your hands, to help you navigate hundreds of common medical situations, like infections, cardiac arrest, pneumonia, and more. The Ultimate Prescription Medical Kit even provides prescription-grade medicine – it’s all in the bag!

How much will that medical procedure cost?

Price transparency in healthcare is all the buzz. More than 85% of all medical services are scheduled in advance, giving the participant time to ask the provider questions prior to receiving services. –  But how does an employee access price and quality information? It’s hard to negotiate for yourself.

MyHealthCareGenius helps patients shop for the highest quality, lowest cost healthcare, including physician appointments, laboratory tests, imaging tests and hospitalization. This pre-care access eliminates the disadvantage patients are often at negotiating their own price.

Employees call BEFORE the required services.

  • Tell MYHealthcareGenius what care is needed and if there is a preference where to receive it from.
  • MyHealthCareGenius will negotiate a price for care for the provider and the providers in your area.
  • MyHealthCareGenius will create a personalized price and quality score card!

MyHCG logo

(Excerpts taken from MYHealthcareGenius.)

Useful Apps – Medication Guide

Need help with medication management and adherence?  – Users can lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.

Key Features

• My Drug List – Add your medications to assemble medical information in a simple, easy to read personalized format. Access consumer information, FDA alerts, drug interactions, plus food, allergy and medical condition interactions.

• Complete Drugs A to Z listings – Fast search, accurate suggestion engine and boasts the most comprehensive database of drug information available online.

• Interactions Checker – Provides a list of interactions that may occur when different drugs are taken at the same time. Also checks food interactions automatically!

• Additional Features: Symptom Checker looks up specialized databases for side effects and dosage information. Not quite sure how to spell a drug name? Use the phonetic search. Pill Identifier identifies meds simply by entering an imprint, shape or color.

Pill Identifier App

Know of a useful app in the health care, LTC, Rx or related industry? Send it to us, we may blog about it.

Useful Apps – HealthAdvocate

ad·vo·cate (verb – used with object)  to act in support or in behalf of another; intercessor
Synonyms – champion, proponent, backer

Do your employees need help navigating the healthcare system? Are they spending valuable time on hold trying to manage their health care needs? Family member needs? Losing productivity? This App is for you. Use the app to explore:

  • Finding the right doctors
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Help resolving insurance claims
  • Assistance with eldercare
  • Obtaining cost estimates
  • Working with insurance companies
  • Answering questions
  • Assistance in transferring medical records

No smartphone? No problem! Health Advocate members can access Health Cost Estimator and other features online through their member website, or by calling Health Advocate for personalized support.

Bonus – Services are extended to employee, spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law.


Know of a useful app in the health care, LTC, Rx or related industry? Send it to us, we may blog about it.

(Excerpts taken from Health Advocate marketing material.)

The Mouth-Body Connection

Open wide! – Your mouth can tell a lot about your body’s health. It is a window into many health issues throughout the body.

More than 3 out of 4 American adults suffer from various forms of periodontal (gum) disease and many don’t know it. This is concerning because infections can be caused by periodontal bacteria entering the bloodstream and travel to major organs.

Some of the risks include:

  • Heart disease, the nation’s leading cause of death. Studies have shown links between cardiovascular disease and key bacteria in periodontal disease.
  • A 4.3 times greater chance of stroke than those with mild or no periodontal disease.
  • Diabetes, approximately 95% of Americans with diabetes also have periodontal disease.
  • A sevenfold increase in the risk of pregnant woman delivering preterm, low birth weight babies.

A significant percentage of people will not visit a physician for medical care during the year. However, many will see a dentist.

What if by visiting the dentist employees are made aware of potential health risks? How might catching these potential health problems early affect absenteeism, employee overall health, and employee satisfaction with their benefit package?

Useful Apps – iTriage

tri·age (n) –  the practice of sorting medical conditions to determine priority for treatment.

Founded by two emergency medicine physicians, iTriage® is a free mobile app and website that helps answer the two most common medical questions: “What could be wrong?” and “Where can I go?”. It does not replace a doctor, but it can help you research your condition decide the level of urgency and direct you toward the proper care.

Know of a useful app in the health care, LTC, Rx or related industry? Send it to us, we may blog about it.


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