The Benefit of our PEO Advisor Service

PEO Advisor is our service to help you find, evaluate, and contract with the correct Professional Employer Organization (PEO).  PEOs have become viable resources for employers. However, comparing the differences can be very complex.  We have a comprehensive understanding of the PEO Industry. It’s never either “yes” or “no.”

At Employee Benefit Advisors, our process is designed to identify the appropriate support services that will enable you to select the appropriate PEO for your business and its employees.  The key is to understand the entire business model of the PEO industry, including:

  • How the various PEOs differ from each other
  • How their services financially, operationally, and emotionally impact your organization.

Our primary goal is to help you decide if a PEO is the correct option for your company. First, we complete an extensive analysis, providing the advice and information you need to make an informed decision. Next, we help place your company in the appropriate PEO for the short or long-term.  While you’re under contract, we’ll work with you to assure that it’s right for you. Then, when and if the time is right, we help you come out of the PEO market.

We realize that the decision to contract with a PEO may be a significant shift in business operations. We do our research to assure that our clients achieve a quality, long-term solution.