The Benefit of the Human Resources Library

HR Advisor is a comprehensive knowledgebase with key information regarding employee benefits. From Health Care Reform and COBRA, to how to hire and terminate employees, HR Advisor provides you with the information you need to confidently manage all your HR and benefits needs.

Our site is an excellent value-added service, particularly for those who frequently ask human resource and benefits questions.  One of the services we provide is sending out regular email notifications on Health Care Reform when new provisions will be taking effect. This is especially important at this time, with Health Care Reform provisions constantly being updated.

HR Advisor provides a “Healthcare Reform Pay or Play Toolkit,” a great series of worksheets, calculators and downloadable spreadsheets that can really help you understand how you will be impacted by Health Care Reform.

Value of the HR Library:

  • The most current information on health care reform, including regular email alerts on upcoming provisions
  • An interactive benefits compliance calendar, which is a simple way to review and download many of the government model notices and requirements for employee benefit plans
  • Interactive guides that provide step-by-step guidance on how to do performance reviews, hire, and terminate employees
  • Online HR tools including a job description builder and salary benchmarking tool
  • Hundreds of downloadable forms
  • State and federal COBRA information, as well as a range of additional employment laws per state

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“Thank you very much Mike, this is a wonderful tool, especially for me because I’m in the learning path. I’m sure that I will be using it a lot.”
Gina Rodriguez M.
Hollywood Woodwork

“I recently was conducting a Salary Survey for my company and found the Salary Benchmarking Application on the HR Advisor to be great information as well as the sample forms and policies!”
Debbie King, PHR
Thermal Concepts

“This is a resource that I have needed for years and struggled finding anything anywhere close to this.”
Bob Curry
RSC Partners