6 eye care and eye wear innovations that will alter your view of vision benefits

    1. Accu-Fit Technology – reads the shape of your eyes and automatically recommends the best prescription
    2. Glasses.com – takes a 3D image of your face and allows you to look at up to four pairs of frames from every angle
    3. Onsite or pop-up clinics – setting up a store right in your office/plant, offering onsite exams; promotes both the importance of regular eye exams and your company’s wellness program
    4. “Healthy” wearable tech – your glasses will be your hub for your personal health and wellness providing you with your blood pressure blood sugar levels, etc… and automatically share the data with your doctor
    5. Smart Contacts – contact lenses that use tears to measure blood sugar levels for patients with diabetes (no more pricking your finger); for glaucoma patients lenses that measure intraocular pressure sending an alert to your smartphone that it’s time to administer eye drops
    6. Online Exams – emerging technology that allows for a refraction (used to determine the level of correction) to be tested online

Thank you Shauna Whittingham, Eyemed.

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