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Zocdoc: Find & Book Doctors

New to the area and don’t know anyone? Download the app and within 2 minutes find the perfect PCP, Specialist or Pediatrician. Zocdoc is the beginning of a new healthcare experience. Find doctors you love, read real reviews, book appointments instantly, and more with this award-winning app.

• See neighborhood doctors in your insurance network
• Book appointments with over 50 different medical specialties, including dentists, primary care doctors, allergists, OBGYNs, dermatologists, family doctors, urologists, psychologists, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, optometrists, pediatrists and more
• Read verified reviews from other patients
• See open appointment times and book instantly and keep track of your medical calendar. No phone calls necessary, even for same day bookings!
• Algorithm lets you search by specialties and conditions, like diabetes, obesity/weight loss, cancer, yellow eyes, bleeding, cysts, sore throat and more.
• Check in on the app to complete your paperwork and save time at the office
• Receive text reminders before your appointments

More Features
• Find doctors near your location with a convenient map
• Read doctors’ professional statements, learn about their education, and see what languages they speak
• Keep track of your physicians and easily schedule follow-up appointments from your Medical Team homepage
• Stay on top of important checkups with Wellness Reminders


Employee Benefit Advisors provides employee benefits, tax-advantaged healthcare, compliance guidance for ACA and Health & Welfare DOL Audits, and PEO Advisory & Consulting Services.

Rx Management – CoPay Accumulator Programs

With Accumulator Programs the manufacturer’s payments no longer count toward a patient’s deductible or out-of-pocket maximum. Employers and health plans could potentially save big money because accumulators shift a majority of drug costs to patients and manufacturers.

Normally, a manufacturer’s payments from a copay program count toward a patient’s deductible and annual out-of-pocket maximum. Once these annual limits are reached, the plan pays for all subsequent prescriptions.

Problem is the Accumulator Programs will lower a plan’s drug spending by discouraging the appropriate utilization of specialty therapies and reducing adherence.

You may recognize Copay Accumulator by other names; UnitedHealthcare uses the term “Coupon Adjustment: Benefit Plan Protection program,” Express Scripts uses the term “Out of Pocket Protection program.” Choose your poison, both are misleading, especially to the patient.

For a deep dive into the potential impact of CoPay Accumulator Programs I recommend reading the article (link below) from Adam J. Fein, Ph.D. (Drug Channels) that highlights many potential concerns to Copay Accumulator Programs. Copay Accumulators: Costly Consequences of a New Cost-Shifting Pharmacy Benefit

PBM – Looking for transparency?

Are you contracting with a large PBM because they offer great discount? You might want to rethink your strategy and look to smaller PBMs with complete transparency. Perhaps it’s time to consider a pharmacy benefits administrator that offers the following:

  • A straight forward pricing model with no hidden revenue generators such as spread pricing. Look for invoice of the exact amount that reflects retail contracts. No spread should be retained for brands or generics.
  • Minimum retail guarantees, not maximums or estimates. If better rates are negotiated during the contract term, the PBM should pass through those discounts.
  • Mail order prescription charges based on the actual acquisition cost.  The amount billed should match the invoice cost, plus a fixed dispensing fee. Is your BPM willing to provide mail order purchasing invoices to validate their actual acquisition cost?
  • “Generic” and “Brand” defined exactly as Medispan does– no change in definitions.
  • No financial interest in any pharmaceutical manufacturer. BPM should pass through 100% of rebates received associated with a client’s brand utilization.
  • Fulfilled promises.  Annual reconciliation occurs and the BPM will make up any loss where the guarantee is not met by paying clients back for each dollar over the amount that was guaranteed.

Who is Employee Benefit Advisors describing? Contact us and make a referral on your behalf.


Employee Benefit Advisory provides employee benefits, tax-advantaged healthcare, compliance guidance for ACA and Health & Welfare DOL Audits, and PEO Advisory & Consulting Services.

Rx Refills made easy!

Don’t like lengthy waits to refill your prescriptions? Prefer to have refills delivered to your door? Prefer someone else troubleshoot insurance & renew refills for you? Let me introduce you to Phil.

Phil is a service that manages your ongoing prescriptions. Phil partners with top-rated, locally-owned pharmacies that are licensed by the Pharmacy Board. These pharmacies will deliver your medications to you on time and answer any questions over the phone. Using the Phil app, you are able to refill on your own terms by scheduling when your medications arrive, ordering vacation refills etc.

Welcome to Phil – Smarter Prescription Refills: same copay, free delivery and a real time saver.


Phil takes 3 easy steps.
Step 1 – Sign Up and add your existing prescriptions to Phil.
Step 2 – Phil does the rest, they contact your old pharmacy and do the paperwork.
Step 3 – Receive your meds. Partner pharmacies deliver meds to your doorstep every month.

All partner pharmacies are rated 4-5 stars on Yelp®

Delivery is free. Phil will guarantee your copay will be the same as what you pay at your current pharmacy. Some rare exceptions may apply; in those cases, you’ll be contacted for approval. If you don’t have insurance, Phil partner pharmacies will quote you the lowest price they can obtain for you.


Employee Benefit Advisors provides employee benefits, tax-advantaged healthcare, compliance guidance for ACA and Health & Welfare DOL Audits, and PEO Advisory & Consulting Services. We can customize a wellness plan for your budget and culture.

Predictive Modeling – GRx

Many health insurance companies are looking at prescription usage to underwrite and rate group health insurance. It’s called predictive modeling.

GRx uses complete and current prescription histories. Details include drug name, dosage, fill date, pharmacy and physician information. This Healthcare Intelligence allows carriers to make risk assessment decisions with confidence and more accurately develop premiums. New group rates are quickly and more accurately developed. GRx turns group census data into a risk score. Health plans use the GRx risk score to more accurately predict the group’s future claim costs.

It’s good for the health insurance carrier and the group. Both get a more accurate quote potentially avoiding large rate fluctuations.


Employee Benefit Advisors provides employee benefits, tax-advantaged healthcare, compliance guidance for ACA and Health & Welfare DOL Audits, and PEO Advisory & Consulting Services. We can customize a wellness plan for your budget and culture.

The Future of Vision

6 eye care and eye wear innovations that will alter your view of vision benefits

    1. Accu-Fit Technology – reads the shape of your eyes and automatically recommends the best prescription
    2. – takes a 3D image of your face and allows you to look at up to four pairs of frames from every angle
    3. Onsite or pop-up clinics – setting up a store right in your office/plant, offering onsite exams; promotes both the importance of regular eye exams and your company’s wellness program
    4. “Healthy” wearable tech – your glasses will be your hub for your personal health and wellness providing you with your blood pressure blood sugar levels, etc… and automatically share the data with your doctor
    5. Smart Contacts – contact lenses that use tears to measure blood sugar levels for patients with diabetes (no more pricking your finger); for glaucoma patients lenses that measure intraocular pressure sending an alert to your smartphone that it’s time to administer eye drops
    6. Online Exams – emerging technology that allows for a refraction (used to determine the level of correction) to be tested online

Thank you Shauna Whittingham, Eyemed.

Employee Benefit Advisors provides employee benefits. We are a broker helping companies with their Health & Welfare Benefits. We also help companies revaluate PEO Services, deciding if a PEO is a good choice and if so selecting and implementing the PEO.

Obamaco$t – Rate Increases for 2016

Health insurance companies were seeking rate increases of 20 percent to 40 percent or more. Reason cited, new customers under the Affordable Care Act are seeking more treatment than expected. Increases of approximately half the amount requested is generally what state insurance agency approved. Some states fairing better than others.

The proposed increases indicate health carriers are still adjusting to the impact of the Affordable Care Act. The proposed increases, supported by reams of actuarial data, are fueling debate about the effectiveness of the health law.

A study by the Kaiser Foundation suggests that consumers would see relatively modest increases in premiums if they were willing to switch plans. However, to get low premiums, consumers may need to accept a more limited choice of doctors and hospitals and if they switch plans, there is no guarantee that they can keep their doctors.


Employee Benefit Advisors provides employee benefits, tax-advantaged healthcare, compliance guidance for ACA and Health & Welfare DOL Audits, and PEO Advisory & Consulting Services.

Pre-Active Medicine – CompanionDx

Anywhere between 40 and 75 percent of drugs are ineffective for individual patients. That means a large portion of patients may not only be wasting their money—but they may not be receiving the treatment or the results they seek.

Pre-Active medicine is a new diagnostic discipline that uses genetic insights to help prevent adverse drug reactions, misdiagnosis or other negative consequences of inadequate medical discovery.

CompanionDx™ is one of the only providers of both pharmacogenomics evaluations and cancer companion diagnostic testing. When used separately or in conjunction, these two types of tests are giving physicians the resources they need for more comprehensive patient treatment profiles—and that means more certainty when it comes to effective therapeutic decisions.

Tests include:
Pharmacogenomics testing
Cancer companion diagnostics testing
Colorectal cancer screening
NextGen Sequencing testing (in development)
You’ll receive easy-to-read test reports within 3-7 days.

Employee Benefit Advisors provides employee benefits, tax-advantaged healthcare, compliance guidance for ACA and Health & Welfare DOL Audits, and PEO Advisory & Consulting Services.

Medical Detectives…Need help with that difficult diagnoses?

Is your doctor having trouble diagnosing your illness? Look into – I first learned about this on the Fox News Medical Report one Sunday morning.  Their doctors gave it very positive reviews.

CrowdMed connects you with thousands of medical experts who have collaborated to solve hundreds of medical mysteries that had stumped individual doctors for years.

How does CrowdMed work?

1 Register and Submit Your CaseSubmit your case anonymously and be instantly connected to thousands of medical experts who collaborate to get you the answers you need.

2 You Get More Attention from the Crowd Crowdsourcing enables anyone with applicable expertise, anywhere in the world, to collaborate on solving even the most difficult problems. Most of CrowdMed’s Medical Detectives are people with professional careers in medicine, healthcare, and science, devoting their time and expertise to help you get answers.

3 Collaborate with Medical Detectives Medical Detectives can access your case once it’s active on our site. Medical Detectives may also use chat and discussion features to ask questions, request additional details, and discuss your case.

4 Get Your ResultsAt the end of this process, you’ll receive a report which includes the top diagnostic suggestions and solutions, along with supporting medical references. You and your doctor will then use this report to help determine your final diagnosis and treatment plan.

Compensation for services?  You can always submit your case without Medical Detective Compensation, but they recommend that you offer a cash incentive to be shared by the Medical Detectives who contribute the most to your case. Many Medical Detectives donate these proceeds to charity. If the top diagnostic suggestions you receive are not confirmed to be accurate by your doctor, you can get a full refund of your compensation offer per the Money-Back Guarantee. In addition to a free case submission option, CrowdMed offers three paid packages: Lite ($99), Standard ($299), and Premium ($499) packages, each providing unique benefits. All are eligible for the full Money-Back Guarantee.

Useful App: Medfax (Listed as One of the Best New Apps)

Need an independent, unbiased source of medical information about doctors, drugs, medical devices and hospitals?

MedFax can be used to verify doctors, prescription drugs, medical devices and hospitals. It provides reports that allow consumers to make well-informed decisions regarding their healthcare. One of the largest information sources of its kind, MedFax has combined and cross-referenced information from hundreds of sources, including state and federal agencies, the FDA, state health departments, county and federal courts and more. The result is over 1.5 million reports that present vital information right at the consumer’s fingertips.

  • Doctor Search – How well do you know your doctor? Check licensing, disciplinary record, malpractice history, etc…
  • Drug Search – Get complete information about your medications and their side effects.
  • Device Search – Complete information about the use and safety of medical devices.
  • Hospital Search – Find out how your hospital rates for patient satisfaction and safety.

Medfax brings unbiased, independent data source, Current information, continuous updates, Millions of records at your fingertips.

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