Health Advocacy

How much time do your employees spend on person or family health issues? It’s probably more than you think. And we’re not just talking their own health insurance. What about family members, immediate and extended? Employees and family members either covered your health insurance carrier or by carriers other than your company’s health insurance? Health insurance issues like, long term care or assisted living needs for family members? Critical care needs; cancer, stoke, disease management and more. Chronic Care Solutions, which support the most common & costly conditions including asthma, diabetes, heart failure, depression and more.

Health Advocate/Core Advocacy

The Health Advocacy Program is a service designed to help employees resolve billing issues with health care providers.  The program is available not only for themselves, but also for family members, including parents who might be on Medicare. The primary purpose is to help out employees in difficult situations that might be detracting from their work time.

Whenever an employee or eligible family member needs help with a health care or insurance-related issue, they simply call the toll-free Health Advocate number. The employee is then assigned to their own Personal Health Advocate (PHA), typically a registered nurse supported by medical directors – as well as benefits & claims specialists. Our highly qualified experts know the in’s and out’s of the health care system to get the right answers at the right time.

The PHA will immediately begin working to resolve the issue, conducting any necessary research, interacting with doctors and insurers, assisting with paperwork and much more.  The same advocate remains with the employee until an issue is resolved, and is available for follow-up needs.

Coverage for the Entire Family

Health Advocate’s services cover the employee, their spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-laws.

Medical Bill Saver

The Bill Saver program offers employees financial relief, where experts negotiate with providers to lower uncovered medical and dental bills.

Medical Decision Support

Medical Decision Support is a comparative tool designed to help employees make cost-effective decisions about their medical care.

Expanded Hours

Health Advocate is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 days a year.