Healthcare Bluebook provides transparency to consumers to compare healthcare costs and quality. Employers can provide a valuable tool to employees that will enable them to shop for the most affordable high quality care.

How does Healthcare Bluebook work?

  • Employees search for services using common language
  • Employees learn the price range they can expect to pay how much they can save by making cost effective choices
  • Prices are based on your local area network rates
  • Employees can compare specific providers on both cost and quality

Why do employers need a transparency solution?

  • In-network prices for healthcare services vary by 300% to 500%
  • Employees don’t know that prices vary within their network or how to find lower cost quality providers
  • Employers and employees can cut healthcare costs if they have the right information, tools and incentives

Healthcare Bluebook can be paired with both self-funded and fully insured plans. Although it supports traditional plan designs, EBA believes it is a super-value-added support for consumer driven high deductible plans. Healthcare Bluebook says employers have been decreasing total medical spend by 4% to 12%.