Payroll contains all the information needed to run the analyses need to comply with the complexities of PPACA. Thus your PEO should be able to run the reports to navigate through the ACA. Some PEO providers offer insight into only the parts of the law their system can interpret, the top tier vendor’s offer a comprehensive solution Support needs to include:

  • Eligibility – Measurement periods under Shared Responsibility and per-month detail of hours and average hours per week and month over the defined date range.
  • Affordability – Ability to calculate the percentage of federal poverty level earned by the employee over the date range to estimate Medicaid eligibility. View results of all affordability safe harbor methods including a count of how many employees exceed the affordability threshold.
  • FTE Determination Report – This report will calculate the number of FTEs for an entire organization or subset of employees within a group.

The ACA introduces numerous laws, safe harbor provisions and reporting requirements. To make the complexities of this act easier to understand and to effectively manage your company’s needs, be sure your PEO vendor can help you and your broker navigate across all these areas.