Need an independent, unbiased source of medical information about doctors, drugs, medical devices and hospitals?

MedFax can be used to verify doctors, prescription drugs, medical devices and hospitals. It provides reports that allow consumers to make well-informed decisions regarding their healthcare. One of the largest information sources of its kind, MedFax has combined and cross-referenced information from hundreds of sources, including state and federal agencies, the FDA, state health departments, county and federal courts and more. The result is over 1.5 million reports that present vital information right at the consumer’s fingertips.

  • Doctor Search – How well do you know your doctor? Check licensing, disciplinary record, malpractice history, etc…
  • Drug Search – Get complete information about your medications and their side effects.
  • Device Search – Complete information about the use and safety of medical devices.
  • Hospital Search – Find out how your hospital rates for patient satisfaction and safety.

Medfax brings unbiased, independent data source, Current information, continuous updates, Millions of records at your fingertips.