Services Overview

Employee Benefit Advisors offers competitive employee benefits packages and pricing models. We are able to do so by maintaining preferred relationships with all local and national carriers. We specialize in:

  • Evaluating current benefits programs
  • Analyzing cost trends
  • Reviewing loss ratios
  • Funding options

Employee Benefit Advisors fits your goals and objectives to the products that best serve you, including: Medical, Dental, Group Life/AD&D, STD/LTD, Long-Term Care, Dental, Section 125 Plans (Premium Only and Flex Spending), Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans, etc…

Our analysis of aggregate and individual stop loss, claims run out, pooling point, capitation, credibility factor and lasering will help any company analyze their options. Employee Benefit Advisors underwrites both small and large clients to determine what level of self-funding clients can absorb.

After analyzing current and future budget projections for employee benefits, we will review funding options and determine the best risk/reward scenario for your organization.

HR Hotline

With so many employment laws and guidelines to comply with, what a feeling of confidence and security you will have in knowing that professional HR support is just a phone call away!

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HR Library

Are you an expert at running your business? What about HR? If you don’t follow federal and state labor laws you could be sued and maybe even lose your business.

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Online Enrollment

Employee Benefit Advisors’ online benefits enrollment platform can Simplify Your Workload and make open enrollment a stress free process for you and your employees.

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Single Source Billing

With Single Source Billing you now have access to an online benefits enrollment platform making open enrollment easy, automated and streamlined.

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DOL audits have become increasing complex adding components of PPACA making it more difficult than ever to be compliant.

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PEO Advisor

PEO Advisor is all about helping you choose the right PEO. It is our service to help you find, evaluate, and contract with the correct Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

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Health Advocacy

Do your employees need help navigating the health care industry? Employees can spend hours dealing with issues, and to no fault of their own , those are business hours.

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