Simplify Your Workload With Online Enrollment

easySee how Employee Benefit Advisors’ online benefits enrollment platform can Simplify Your Workload and make open enrollment a stress free process for you and your employees. Our user-friendly system ensures you will have an easy-to-use enrollment process. We understand, and want to reduce your stress, making the entire process as simple as possible.

Our platform has Fabulous Features which include being able to manage all your benefits; medical, dental, vision, group life, std/ltd, etc…, set up and monitor enrollment and add, terminate or edit employee profiles – all in real time.

Employers will Discover a Better Benefits Experience that has a flexible and customizable platform to meet the needs of any employer group. Our Simplified Employee Administration platform provides a consumer-driven experience which supports employer group preferences and reduces burdens associated with traditional benefits administration.

Employees will find we provide communication tools to help them better understand their benefits. We offer a comprehensive video library, helpful articles and online tools like our built-in calculator that shows how much the employer is contributing and how much they will pay, creating improved cost awareness for employees. User-assistance tools will help increase benefits and insurance transparency as well as health literacy.

We’ll make you really shine. It’s easy, breezy enrollment with Employee Benefit Advisors.