Ben Admin & HR Software

easyTired of chasing down enrollment forms and decoding illegible signatures? Wish that new employees had answers to their coverage questions? Enrolling and managing benefits online eliminates paperwork, saving you and your employees time.

Conduct Faster Enrollments
Employees only enter their information once, are required to complete all fields, and can digitally sign their forms.

  • Onboarding
    • Syncs with benefits so employees only enter their information once
    • Create and send offer letters
    • Store completed and e-signed W-4 and I-9 forms
    • Collect direct deposit information
  • Manage your growing company with a robust suite of HR tools.
    • Allow employees to request time off from anywhere
    • Set custom time-off policies
    • Conduct employee performance reviews
    • Administer surveys, and more
  • Payroll Integration
    • Integrates with the top tier payroll providers
  • ACA With Ease
    • Ensure coverage offered meets government guidelines, send required notifications, and generate IRS forms.

Your Employees Will Thank You
Signing countless forms, researching plan options, and trying to remember your plan details throughout the year are just some of the pains your employees experience with paper enrollment.

Unlock 24/7 Access
Employees can access their info via web, mobile, or iOS and Android mobile app to view important benefit details year-round.

We’ll make you really shine. It’s easy, breezy enrollment with Employee Benefit Advisors.