Forty percent of all Americans having a stroke have normal cholesterol levels. Not what one would expect considering vascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide and the leading cause of heart attack and stroke.

A six minute health screen will provide the information needed. AngioScreen is a simple, non-invasive vascular screening designed to provide information about your circulation and risk of heart disease or stroke. Testing includes blood pressure, pulse, heart rhythm, BMI, ABI (Ankle Brachial Index). Screening is looking for blockage or plaque. You receive a color printout of photos of your carotid arteries (located in the neck and carry blood to the brain) along with written results and abnormal values highlighted in red which have also been copied to a CD to share with your doctor.

Log on to to inquire about screenings. Be sure to tell them Mike Schunk of Employee Benefit Advisors recommended the test.