Case Studies

Read about specific examples where Employee Benefit Advisors has assisted our clients.

Employee Benefit Advisors has helped numerous businesses to incorporate the best insurance and PEO options available,
by maximizing employee coverage and minimizing costs. Read some of our case studies to learn more.

Choosing the Proper PEO

A mid-size client with over one hundred employees was seeking assistance reevaluating their relationship with their PEO. The company had several ongoing projects in the Caribbean, and was subject to specific workers’ compensation (WC) regulations.  One year prior, the client had engaged a large, well-known PEO; however, the PEO was not aware (nor able to […]

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Tax-Advantaged Health Care

A small, fifteen person company was seeking a health care program that would maximize benefits while reducing costs. The company needed specific recommendations that would fit their budget constraints and serve the health care needs of all employees. They needed benefits expertise and a careful review of the company’s existing plan. EBA began its engagement scrubbing […]

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Self-Funding vs. Fully-Insured

A mid-sized construction company with between one to two-hundred employees was seeking to implement a new health care program for its employees. At time of engagement the client was part of a self-funded national industry association utilizing a national PPO network. The client was seeking alternatives for either fully-insured and/or self-funded plans, which vary significantly […]

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Medical Factor

A mid-size dairy farm client with 50 employees was seeking to understand the driving factor behind their medical premiums and improve available carrier options (low participation had severely limited choice). The group had received a 37% increase in their health insurance costs. Employee Benefit Advisor’s analysis revealed the company had a high medical factor. High medical factors […]

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Entry & Exit into a PEO

A mid-size veterinarian hospital needed solutions to runaway healthcare costs and increasing workers’ compensation claims. They had evaluated the PEO market, but wanted help deciphering all the various options, as well as breaking apart the bundled-cost options to compare to unbundled plans.  The hospital needed assistance with two distinct projects: 1) the selection and entry […]

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HRA Provides Targeted Benefits

A client in the medical industry was facing a fourteen percent increase in premiums with the renewal of the health insurance. Although this is considered a “trend” increase the client was unable to absorb the increase costs and maintain their current high-level benefit package need to be competitive and attract key employees. They offered an extensive […]

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