Over $8,000 was raised for CARRFOUR by Mike Schunk / Employee Benefit Advisors working with the Miami Finance Forum. The event itself raised $1,360 and then for every dollar donated, Carrfour was able to leverage $5.00 in government funding. This means a gift of $1,360 will yield $6,800 in government funding for an impact value of $8,160; which will provide supportive housing for one family for approximately 13 months.

Carrfour’s mission is to confront homelessness by developing affordable housing and providing supportive services as a pathway to self-sufficiency. – See more at: http://carrfour.org

Employee Benefit Advisors donates a portion of our revenue on a monthly basis to local charities.



Pictured left to right;
Mike Schunk, CEBS – President of Employee Benefit Advisors
Anthea Pennant – Director, Fund Development for Carrfour
Carlos J. Deupi – MFF Chairman, General Counsel the Brilla Group