Get a clear understanding of the health insurance. How is it rated? Ask about tier placement and get a guarantee you can only be moved down a few tiers in any one year. Ask for claims/utilization records supporting the decision. Key points for Health Insurance Renewals

  • What rate increases have your clients experienced in the past 3 years?
  • When? Annually? Quarterly?
  • How far in advance are clients notified of the renewal?

HR & Benefit Compliance is more and more important with required SBC distribution, increase in ACA & DOL audits resulting from Obamacare. I have asked several PEOs to show the support provided for these audits. Repeatedly I’m told “Our Benefits Department has advised that this information is provided to the employee in the package that is mailed to them from the carrier after enrollment and advises they may visit the carrier website or contact the carrier’s customer support to obtain a copy of the SPD.”

SPDs and Wrap documents are not provided by the carrier, SBCs ares. However, SBC distribution is the obligation of the PEO. – Whoever answered the question either did not understand or does not know what an SBC or SPD is. It is the responsibility of the group to provide the SPD and Wrap. I this case, if a PEO is undertaking the compliance for their clients, it would be the PEO’s responsibility.

We recommend working with a PEO broker like Employee Benefit Advisors. The experience brought to the table can save headaches that you otherwise might not have seen.