Are you contracting with a large PBM because they offer great discount? You might want to rethink your strategy and look to smaller PBMs with complete transparency. Perhaps it’s time to consider a pharmacy benefits administrator that offers the following:

  • A straight forward pricing model with no hidden revenue generators such as spread pricing. Look for invoice of the exact amount that reflects retail contracts. No spread should be retained for brands or generics.
  • Minimum retail guarantees, not maximums or estimates. If better rates are negotiated during the contract term, the PBM should pass through those discounts.
  • Mail order prescription charges based on the actual acquisition cost.  The amount billed should match the invoice cost, plus a fixed dispensing fee. Is your BPM willing to provide mail order purchasing invoices to validate their actual acquisition cost?
  • “Generic” and “Brand” defined exactly as Medispan does– no change in definitions.
  • No financial interest in any pharmaceutical manufacturer. BPM should pass through 100% of rebates received associated with a client’s brand utilization.
  • Fulfilled promises.  Annual reconciliation occurs and the BPM will make up any loss where the guarantee is not met by paying clients back for each dollar over the amount that was guaranteed.

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