Concerned about being at risk for colon cancer? Don’t like the idea of a colonoscopy? You may want to consider learning more about Cologuard, an at-home testing kit that screens you for colon cancer.

 What it is.
Cologuard is a noninvasive, prescription-only test. It’s designed for adults 50 years or older who are at average risk for colon cancer.

What it’s not.                 
Cologuard is not a replacement for diagnostic or surveillance colonoscopy in high risk individuals. If you have a medical history that includes colon cancer, polyps, or related cancers, it isn’t right for you.

How to tell if it’s for you.
The first step is to discuss the Cologuard testing kit with your healthcare provider. Once your healthcare provider approves the prescription, your kit can be ordered. It will be delivered right to your door.

How effective is it?
In 10,000 testing cases, Cologuard screenings discovered 92% of colon cancers and 42% of high-risk pre-cancers. Since both false positives and false negatives occur, Cologuard encourages positive-results patients to follow-up with a diagnostic colonoscopy. Negative-results patients are encouraged to participate in additional screenings at intervals.

 Will your insurance cover it?
Preventative Care / Screenings are covered at no cost under the Affordable Care Act. Cologuard is covered by most insurers with no co-pay or deductible for eligible patients (ages 50-75; at average risk for colon cancer; without symptoms). Cologuard is covered by Medicare and Medicare.

If your insurance provider doesn’t cover it or only covers part of the costs, Cologuard’s appeal department will assist you in creating an appeal letter to send to your insurance company.

The Cologuard screening is FDA-approved and has been in use since 2014.


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