Health Care Reform Updates – Hear are a few of the changes announced in the last weeks starting with Transition Policy.

Transitional Policy provides the Option to Keep Existing Coverage in 2014 – State agencies responsible are encouraged (but not required) to adopt the transitional policy. If the state allows, health insurers have the option of continuing small group coverage that would otherwise be terminated or cancelled.

Online Enrollment Delayed One Year for Federally-Facilitated SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program) Marketplace Further – Small Employers Must Continue to Apply Offline Until November 2014.

Enrollment Deadline Extended for Individual & SHOP Marketplace – Individuals and Small Businesses have until December 23rd to sign up. Coverage would begin January 1, 2014.

Temporary Hardship Exemption from Individual Mandate for Individuals with Cancelled Plans – The Hardship Exemption allows individuals to purchase catastrophic plans. One such exemption is for individuals with cancelled plans who have difficulty paying for coverage in the individual marketplace. (How ironic – exemption granted to those who cannot afford insurance under the Affordable Care Act.)