Employee Benefit Advisors decided to do a little review because we’re getting questions from small employers about their reporting requirements.

Who files Form 1095-B? The insurance company is required to file Form 1095-B if your company sponsors an insured plan. If self-insured, the plan sponsor is required to file Form 1095-B.

What information does Form 1095-B report? 1095-B reports the name, address and social security number of all individuals (employees, spouses, dependents and others) who are covered under an employer’s medical plan and the number of months during which the individual had at least one day of coverage.

What will the IRS do with the information reported on Form 1095-B? The IRS will use the information to verify which individuals have MEC through an employer and are therefore not subject to the individual mandate penalty tax.

Are companies with less than 50 full time employees (including FTEs) required to file Form 1095-B? Yes, the filing requirement applies to all employers who provide health coverage to their employees.

Are there 1095-B filing requirements for FSAs, HSAs or HRAs? No because by themselves they do not provide MEC.

What is the date that these forms must be filed? The forms must be filed with the IRS by February 28 (March 31 if reporting electronically) and copies of the forms must be provided to individuals by January 31.


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