Here are some headlines you’re nor hearing unless you’re paying really close attention to the ACA (Affordable Care Act), aka Obamacare.

12 failed co-ops which were created under the Affordable Care Act could cost taxpayers $1.2 billion – Four of the remaining co-ops created under the Affordable Care Act are experiencing weak enrollment, which is another indication that the startups remain on shaky ground. Data show these four co-ops have not yet signed up a minimum of 25,000 members, a crucial threshold which allows them to cover costs.

UnitedHealthcare to Drop Obamacare Exchanges in most states by 2017 – UHC expects to loose $650mm this year.

Despite ACA, Patients Still Subject To Surprise Medical Bills – Surprise medical bills happen most often in an ER visit when a hospital contracts with medical providers – including doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, lab technicians – that do not accept the same insurance plans the hospital does.

The maximum out-of-pocket costs will rise – Consumers can expect to pay more for healthcare costs. OOP expenses will rise to $7,150 for an individual / $14,300 for a family. Placing a significant financial burden on middle-income Americans who need a substantial amount of care.

State Medicaid Agencies Want Congress to Repeal ACA Insurance Tax – Medicaid agencies want lawmakers to permanently repeal the tax on health insurers. The article says “most private health insurance plans have had to pay the tax themselves,” but “states that contract with Medicaid managed-care plans have had to cover the premium tax to ensure that the health plans receive actuarially sound rates.” Some 38 states and Washington, DC contract with Medicaid managed-care plans. Continues To Be Vulnerable To Hackers – The GAO reports that security flaws ‘will likely continue to jeopardize the confidentiality, integrity and availability of

It’s been six years since the ACA was signed into law. How’s it going?


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