With RBP plans are designed to negotiate treatments with high-quality providers at reduced costs and can work in different ways, depending on the insurance carrier or TPA. – Sound like a PPO or HMO? Not quite.

RBP can have no network restriction, a network and use a network within a network. Call it Creative Networking where certain services may require the use of select networks, a Network within a Network.

All reimbursements are based on a fixed amount for a particular procedure, such as dialysis and hospital stays – two biggies, which certain providers will accept as payment in full. Reimbursement is based on a reasonable fee or multiple of Medicare. Under this type of arrangement, reimbursement rates range between 120% and 180% of Medicare.

RBP product could offer you 72-77% savings over traditional PPO plans. (A national survey found less than 1% of providers do not accept this type of health benefit plan.)



Discover the referenced based pricing solution that offers a significant improvement in savings without compromising quality care. Save on claims costs without provider and facility restrictions.


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