Surprise medical bill? – Surprise medical billing applies to fully-insured commercial insurance plans.   No federal laws exist to prevent surprise medical bills and of the states that do less than half provide comprehensive legislation.   Employees are confused when they receive a surprise medical bill and it generally reflects poorly on the company plan when it occurs.

Bill Dog was made for the moment a confusing medical bill arrives. Members can be confident before paying any medical bill. Bill Dog researches and explains every situation to our members.

  • What is the bill for?
  • What are the codes?
  • Are the charges too high?
  • I have insurance, why do I have this bill?
  • I am confused.

Bill Dog works directly with members, providers, and insurance companies to resolve issues, support appeals, and assist with price negotiations. Bill Dog provides an easy way to verify any medical bill so it can be negotiated and paid with confidence. It is easy to use. You can reach them by phone, chat, email or direct message. Codes and charges are verified. Billing errors are identified and corrected. Appeals and price negotiations are supported. It is results driven. Errors are identified and corrected — claims denials and out of network charges are verified.


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