Price transparency in healthcare is all the buzz. More than 85% of all medical services are scheduled in advance, giving the participant time to ask the provider questions prior to receiving services. –  But how does an employee access price and quality information? It’s hard to negotiate for yourself.

MyHealthCareGenius helps patients shop for the highest quality, lowest cost healthcare, including physician appointments, laboratory tests, imaging tests and hospitalization. This pre-care access eliminates the disadvantage patients are often at negotiating their own price.

Employees call BEFORE the required services.

  • Tell MYHealthcareGenius what care is needed and if there is a preference where to receive it from.
  • MyHealthCareGenius will negotiate a price for care for the provider and the providers in your area.
  • MyHealthCareGenius will create a personalized price and quality score card!

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(Excerpts taken from MYHealthcareGenius.)