Medical issues

Before offending anyone – I posted the politically incorrect title in hopes of getting more people to read. I like fat people, many of my friends are fat. So please take it in good humor. I don’t need hate mail. I also recognize some people have genetic challenges.

The following was posted by one of my fellow CEBS (Certified Employee Benefit Specialist) colleagues. Employee Benefit Advisors has seen, time after time with my own clients, that weight loss is the number one factor to controlling health care costs.

“One of the most effective ways to ensure quality healthcare services is to not need it in the first place… All those overweight, please raise your hand. All those currently being treated for a preventable healthcare issue raise your hand.

My husband is 68 years old and was on high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol meds–pretty typical at this age. Oh, yes, and frequently had terrible heart burn. Lost 38 pounds and just had his annual physical. Doc took him off all his prescription meds and he no longer ever has heart burn. Go figure… How’d he do it? Cut way back on consumption of carbs/sugar. That’s it. Pretty simple. Nothing else…not even exercise. Now that he feels so good he has started to exercise on a regular basis.

Those of us paying taxes to support Medicare say, Thank you! “