Several years ago, I blogged, Fat People Have Issues, with the disclaimer of posting the politically incorrect title in hopes of getting more people to read. Not being one to suddenly bow to the woke politically crowd I have posted another potentially insensitive title, again, in hopes of getting more people to read. As I said then, I like fat people, many of my friends are fat. So please take it in good humor. I don’t need hate mail. I also recognize some people have genetic challenges. – Bottom line, I’m hoping the information will motivate you to implement a targeted wellness campaign.

Employers bear a large share of excess costs attributed to obesity. Normal-weight employees cost an average of $3,830 per year in covered medical, sick day, short-term disability, and workers’ compensation claims, while morbidly obese employees cost more than twice that amount, or $,8067.

Key Findings from the National Center for Biotechnology Information

  1. Weight loss offers significantly significant savings for obese employees with weight-related conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, mental health disorders, arthritis and back pain.
  2. The greatest savings potential is for those with the highest baseline body mass index. “This suggests that investments in weight management programs that produce even relatively small amounts of weight loss, when directed at the most obese populations, could provide meaningful savings for employers.”
  3. The greatest savings potential is among non-Hispanic white employees.

Exerts taken from Benefits Pro.

You can read the November 19th, 2014, blog Fat People Have Issues by going to my website and searching the title.


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