Harvard’s professors are getting a taste of their medicine, and it’s not going down to well. Reports are that members of the faculty are a little “peeved” over health plan changes that will require them to share more of their health care costs. The enrollment guide states that it “must respond to the national trend of rising health care costs, including some driven by…the Affordable Care Act,” which many of the faculty “championed.”

The obvious irony: Professors are angry that the policies they’ve recommended for years are now being applied to them. The Harvard plan still pays about 91 percent of medical costs, on par with the richest plans available on the ACA exchanges.

In a Bloomberg op-ed, Megan McArdle looks at the “whining” professors, saying that “…Obamacare is the reason that these changes are probably necessary. This is what cost-control actually looks like” and recommends that Americans shed the delusion that there are no trade-offs.