I posted Fat People Have Issues November 19th. 2014. – Medical Issues.

Once again, before offending anyone – I posted the politically incorrect title in hopes of getting more people to read. I like fat people, many of my friends are fat. And to be honest, I would like to lose a few lbs. So please take it in good humor. I do not need hate mail. I also recognize some people have genetic challenges.

The statistics for COVID-19 are showing 94% of the deaths have underlying medical conditions, 88% have two conditions and 19% at least one. Elevated blood pressure is the number one underlying medical condition at 53%, overweight 42%, diabetes 32%.

One of the most effective ways to ensure quality healthcare services is to not need it in the first place. All those overweight, please raise your hand. All those currently being treated for a preventable healthcare issue raise your hand. Employee Benefit Advisors has seen, time after time with my own clients, that weight loss is the number one factor to controlling health care costs.

One my biggest beefs with Obamacare is that it did nothing to promote a healthy lifestyle. A good BMI can resolve many medical issues. Maintaining a proper BMI has the potential for the doctor to remove you from your high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and other medications.

As for COVID-19, it is recommended people with underlying conditions stay home during phase 1 and 2 of the reopening of the economy.

Want more info on the Dietary Impact on Health? Check out https://ebafl.com/dietary-impact-on-health/


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