ACA Enrollment Down To About 11.1M – CMS figures show that enrollment under the ACA dropped from 1.6 million people down to 11.1 million. Nearly 85 percent of remaining enrollees, 9.4 million, were receiving tax credits averaging $291 per month to help them pay their premiums.

Battle over ACA Continues In Court and In Congress – Surprise! The Obama Administration and Congress are again at odds over the ACA. The Administration filed an appeal to US Judge Rosemary Collyer’s ruling that it used Treasury funds to subsidize ACA plans without approval from Congress. House Republicans unveiled a report which concluded that the Administration proceeded to use the funds despite knowing that congressional approval was necessary. The “scathing report” concluded the Administration “ignored its own advice and forged ahead with Obamacare payments to insurers without permission from Congress.” In 2012, the Treasury Department concluded Congress would have to approve funding for the ACA’s cost-sharing program, yet “the administration quietly withdrew its budget request for the program drafting a memo that said it didn’t need Congress’ blessing and running it by then-Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.”

President Obama Renews Call for Public Option – Healthcare reform has already proven to be a major player in the election debate, President Obama is advocating once again for a “public option.” This, along with proposals to cap the employer exclusion as well as single-payer initiatives in both Colorado and New York.


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