Consolidate Billing and Simplify Your Life

consolidateAccording to a recent national survey among HR/Payroll Departments, the No. 1 difficulty with insurance carriers is monthly billings. With consolidated billing we remove that pain point for you. We make it simple with Single Source Billing.

With Single Source Billing you now have access to an online benefits enrollment platform making open enrollment easy, automated and streamlined. With Single Source Billing we act as the liaison between your insurance carriers, providing consolidated billing…all delivered conveniently from a single point of contact.

Billing made easy!

  • Review one statement each month rather than one from each carrier.
  • Receive one monthly bill for your group’s employee benefits.
  • All of your employee benefit billings are incorporated into one bill and broken down by individual employees.

Single Source Billing Features

  • A unique HR-centric, easy to use tool designed with you in mind.
  • Secure and safe – our encrypted data transmission process complies and exceeds current federal and state guidelines for protecting personally identifiable information;
  • Easy to use with three simple steps; login upload, and submit.

Our system will free up time to focus on more important strategic company / HR issues.